A prism separates white light into a spectrum of colors.

In similar fashion, looking through the prism of the tarot can help us see the true colors within ourselves. That idea sparked the creation of this deck.

I’ve been reading cards (mostly for self-reflection) for years, but I’ve struggled to find a deck that truly spoke to me. As an artist, I’ve always felt the urge to visualize my own.

Creating my own deck gives me the time to really connect with each card. I spend at least a week studying, visualizing, and translating each one into my own spiritual design language. It is a time consuming process and a labor of love. I do this not only for myself, but with the hope that my unique perspective will resonate with others.

I want the images on the cards to be visually soothing and transport you to a place where you can feel at ease. So many tarot decks I’ve encountered are dark and moody, and that’s fine if that is what speaks to you, but there is already so much darkness in the world. In my experience, truth is easier to find in the light.

That being said, the concept of duality is very important to me. Light cannot exist without the dark, and vice versa. Dark is not always bad just as light is not always good. There must be balance between them.

I'm also striving for balance between simplicity and symbolism. Understanding should begin at first glance. As the classic mantra goes, “Don’t think, feel!”

This is the space in which I will share my thoughts, illustrations, card interpretations, spreads, and whatever else might come up along the way. I’m interested in exploring every aspect of the tarot; its ludic origins, divination, and especially self reflection.

My ultimate goal, aside from completing the art, is to publish the deck upon its completion with a companion guide, box, and altar cloth so that I can share it with others who may be able to connect with it.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will join me on this fool's journey.


About Me


My name is Liz and I'm an artist and designer living in Austin, TX. Creating my own tarot deck has been a dream of mine for many years and I'm committed to finally making it a reality! I'm also a freelance 3D artist who works from home while taking care of my two cats, two dogs, and ever-supportive husband.